52% CPA match for FY2013

By , November 15, 2013 1:57 pm

A great match

A great match

Regular readers know that I was a vocal advocate for Middleboro’s adoption of the Community Preservation Act(CPA). Middleboro did adopt CPA a couple of years ago. FYI I currently serve on the local Community Preservation Committee(CPC) that recommends spending from CPA revenue.

Middleboro collects a 1% surcharge on property taxes. This amounts to about $200K per yer. The state of Massachusetts matches that money with fees collected at the Registry of Deeds. These fees go into a CPA Trust Fund and are distributed each year. For a long time the match was 100%. Increased participation and the terrible economic crash in 2008 caused a big dip in collections – the match dropped to around 25%. Last year legislation was passed that applied an additional $25M into the CPA trust fund.

DOR just released the Community Preservation Trust Fund distribution amounts. Each CPA community – including Middleboro – will receive a 52.23% match. That’s twice as much as last year. Middleboro will get a total match of $109,575. Our local collection from the property tax surcharge is just over $200,000. That’s over $300K for FY2013 that can be used for open space, historic preservation, housing, or recreational uses. That is $300K for just one year that would never, ever, be available without CPA.

Here is the full report from the Community Preservation Coalition.

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  2. Rich P says:

    That certainly is good news and the fact the match increased from 25% to 52% really kicks in some needed cash.

    In other news…(from the Enterprise)
    Property values have dropped for the seventh straight year in Middleboro, but the owner of the average home will see about a $127 increase in his or her yearly tax bill.
    Selectmen have set the residential tax rate at $15.60 per $1,000 of assessed valuation and the commercial tax rate at $16.59 per $1,000 of assessed valuation.

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