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    Trump’s top 5 VP picks

    April 4th, 2016

    I don’t know how this ridiculous column got on my radar – but it purports to discuss the top five potential VP picks for The Donald. I read it even though I know that Top 5 Anything posts are 99.99999% guaranteed to be foolish click bait designed to draw eyeballs and generate ad revenue.

    A quick look at the other posts on the site – American Column – tell the story about what sort of BS this site is peddling:

    • Hollywood Actor Considering Entering Presidential Race To Defeat Trump – Shocking new reports have revealed that Hollywood star David Hasselhoff is considering a presidential bid. According to Daily Caller, the former Baywatch star is in serious talks…
    • Obama-Voting Welfare Queen Brags About Government Money – ‘Why Should I Work?’ – During Obama’s seven years in office, millions of freeloaders have achieved welfare queen status as they proudly live off the tax dollars of their fellow…

    Christie looking uneasy ... or being held hostage  (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

    Christie looking uneasy … or being held hostage (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

    You get the idea. Back to the Top 5 VP picks.

    In answer to American Column’s top 5 picks, I’ll give my equally invalid and ridiculous opinion on their picks

    Chris Christie – has already ruined his political career by supporting Trump so why not finish it off with a doomed VP spot? I think Christie is at the top of a very short list of people who are either dumb enough or desperate enough to join the Trump ticket
    Nikki Haley – never in a million years would she spoil her promising career by getting Trump stank all over it. Haley has an honest to goodness political career and is going places. One place she is definitely not going is on a Trump ticket
    Susana Martinez – I don’t know much about her but on first blush she doesn’t seem crazy enough to spoil her perfectly good career
    Herman Cain – As a teaparty activist Cain definitely has sufficent “crazy” to be on a Trump ticket. I’d put him on a short list.
    Scott Brown – I don’t think he’s desperate enough to join a doomed ticket but you never know. Brown is a moderate and I doubt he’d want to sully his legacy with a Trump VP slot.

    There you have folks – proof that any idiot with a text editor can put stuff on the Internet.

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    Shocker – Hillary is honest

    April 3rd, 2016

    Photo from some crazy ass web site that didn't cite the source

    Photo from some crazy ass web site that didn’t cite the source. Hillary appears to be telling the Benghazi commission that she caught a fish this big.

    As a Hillary supporter, I found this article to be in line with my opinion that much of the pure unadulterated hatred of Hillary Clinton is irrational.

    Jill Abramson is a renowned journalist with some significant cred. She has a long history of investigating HRC:

    I would be “dead rich”, to adapt an infamous Clinton phrase, if I could bill for all the hours I’ve spent covering just about every “scandal” that has enveloped the Clintons. As an editor I’ve launched investigations into her business dealings, her fundraising, her foundation and her marriage. As a reporter my stories stretch back to Whitewater. I’m not a favorite in Hillaryland. That makes what I want to say next surprising.

    Brace yourself – especially those of you who are still in Benghazi and Email-Gate fantasy land:

    As for her statements on issues, Politifact, a Pulitzer prize-winning fact-checking organization, gives Clinton the best truth-telling record of any of the 2016 presidential candidates. She beats Sanders and Kasich and crushes Cruz and Trump, who has the biggest “pants on fire” rating and has told whoppers about basic economics that are embarrassing for anyone aiming to be president. (He falsely claimed GDP has dropped the last two quarters and claimed the national unemployment rate was as high as 35%).

    I have found similar irrational hatred of Obama. It’s fine to disagree on policy or political philosophy. But the level of hate directed at HRC and BHO are way, way beyond that.

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    What Nate said …

    April 1st, 2016

    I’m a social liberal and a fiscal moderate. That means that I identify mostly with the Democrats. Now that’s out there.

    I’ve been a Hillary supporter for a couple of reasons. I like her. I think most people’s hatred – utter hatred – of her is mostly irrational. HRC is a centrist regardless of whatever fantasies you have about her politics. She is one of the most qualified candidates in recent memory. Ed – HRC – Let’s do a podcast … it could possibly gain you several MA votes. That said …. there are lots of voters who have a very negative opinion of HRC. Don’t agree with it but it’s there.

    Feel the Bern
    Love ‘The Bern. But my inner pragmatist tells me that HRC is the likely nominee. Looking at polling of HRC versus potential GOP challenger’s there is one candidate that spells G-I-A-N-T W-I-N F-O-R H-R-C … The Donald. Understand – I’m not here to rip on Trump. He has attracted fervent supporters who think he is the cure for what ails U.S. I personally feel that he has less than ZERO chance of winning a general election against anyone let alone Hillary. In fact, I have my doubts that HRC could win an election against any number of GOP challengers … Except Trump.

    A year or so ago it was a different story. Hillary was riding high in polls against all “traditional” opponents such as Jeb Bush. Times have changed. The decades long smear campaign from the right has chipped away at her numbers. The fake Benghazi “scandal” and the fake Email “scandal” have taken their toll. She’s not unbeatable now. Unless she’s running against Trump.

    Leave Trump ALONE … for now

    Theoretical electoral map if the election were today.

    Theoretical electoral map if the election were today.

    But don’t believe me. Nate Silver knows something about polling. In March 24th tweet Nate showed what an electoral map would look like if the election were today. It shows an electoral victory for the Democrats of 374 to 164. Folks that’s not just a landslide. That’s a chocolate covered landslide with a nuclear bomb center.

    That’s why I’m concerned about Trump. I’m afraid he’s going to implode before he gets the nomination – which naturally means that somebody else will get the nomination – somebody who might beat HRC. Paul Ryan? Kasich? Liberal media elite – as one of you I’m begging you to lay off the Trumpster … until he gets the nomination. There is no better chance for an HRC presidency than the Trumpinator.

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    Elections and healing gardens

    March 27th, 2016

    This week’s column includes a quick run down of the April 2 town elections – which includes a vote on a new police station. Mostly it covers Judy Bigelow-Costa’s work to create a “healing garden” at Pratt Farm.

    Judy is the real deal. She’ll tell you when she doesn’t agree with you but will also listen to your opinion on things. Few people do more to improve things in town – I would urge people to support her efforts.

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    Opinion on ‘recreation’ in Weston Forest is deeply flawed

    March 25th, 2016

    weston mapBeen a long while since I’ve posted on Truth is after work, home life, and other non-blogging activities there just isn’t enough time in the day. Figured I can at least post links to my Gazette column and maybe write about what is probably the most fascinating election season in years … possibly decades.

    Here is my opinion on Middleboro Town Counsel’s “opinion” on the allowed uses of Weston Town Forest(WTF). This opinion has the triumvirate of

    • Wrong
    • Nonsensical
    • Embarrassingly flawed

    This sums up the problem:

    Here is the most glaring problem with his opinion. It all hinges on a definition of “park” from Duhaime’s Law Dictionary. When you go to the web page that includes that definition, it includes supporting legal decisions that are relevant. One of these a ruling from City of Plano v Homoky: “A park may include various facilities used by the public generally for recreation, including tennis, pitching horse shoes, croquet, baseball, basketball, golf, walking, horseback riding, picknicking [sic], and general outdoor exercise.” A lawyer friend of mine tells me that he had never heard of this law dictionary and the standard source for legal definitions is Black’s Law Dictionary. The Dulhaime page is here.

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