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Police station vote fails

By , June 17, 2014 8:20 am

Police station vote result survey

Police station vote result survey

Middleboro voters rejected an override of $12M to pay for a new police station. Opposition to the override was pretty overwhelming with 63% voting against.

I’m running a survey to understand the reasons why the override failed. The survey is totally anonymous and asks just one question – why did you vote against it. I’m hoping to use the results to get some sense of the reasons people were opposed for a future Gazette column.

The survey is here or may be accessed by scanning this QR code on your smartphone:

Meet the selectmen

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By , March 22, 2014 11:04 am

Frawly celebrates a big win on election night in 2011

Frawly celebrates a big win on election night in 2011

My column in this week’s Middleboro Gazette is a four question survey given to selectman candidates Allin Frawley and Diane Stewart. They are running for the two open seats on the Middleboro Board of Selectmen. I think it is interesting to see the similarities and differences in their answers.

Unfortunately the Gazette doesn’t tend to put my column online these days – I think because they want to hold some content back to give people a reason to buy the print edition – don’t really know. Here are the questions but you’ll have to part with 50 cents to see the answers:

  • Please comment on an issue that was addressed by the Board of Selectman in the last three years and your thoughts on the solution or status.
  • Please discuss an important issue that is currently facing the town.
  • Thinking ten or twenty years from now – are there things we should be doing in the longer term
  • The Community Preservation Act was adopted by Middleboro a few years ago. It raises money than can only be used for certain things – open space preservations, historic preservation, recreation, and housing. Please share your thoughts on the CPA.

The first three questions have the past – present – future motif. They were meant to be very general with the hope that the candidate’s answer might say something about what they thought was important.

The last question – about CPA – sticks out like a sore thumb … what’s up with that? Simple – CPA is important to me. A candidate’s position on CPA would be a very significant factor in whether I would support a candidate.

I’ve been extremely busy at work for a number of months now with no end in sight – but I’m hoping to get back to updating this site more regularly.

Gazette column for 8/8/2013

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By , August 10, 2013 12:21 am

Typical sea life at Massachusetts beaches

Typical sea life at Massachusetts beaches

My column in this weeks Middleboro Gazette is about my experiences since I shut off cable TV over a year ago.

It starts off, however, on a more somber note.

A local couple has a 7 year old with a very aggressive form of cancer. Please visit this page and donate if you can – . Besides the emotional strain, their finances have been devastated by the disease. As a parent myself, I can’t imagine what these people are going through. Your donation might make things just a little less hellish for this family.

The column mostly covers the reasons I quit cable and what I’ve been using to replace it. It also highlights a new service for cord-cuttters – Aereo.

I love it. For $8 per month, Aereo stream local broadcast TV over the Internet. It provides add-on value with a channel guide and DVR functionality along with the ability to pause/rewind live TV.

Drop 50 cents and grab a copy.

Gazette column and other news

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By , May 17, 2013 11:29 pm

PSA – Middleboro Mess Movers – 9AM 5/18/2013 – Middleboro Town Hall

Apologies be not posting much recently. There have been a number of things demanding my time. Thanks for sticking with me.

This week’s column

My column in this week’s Middleboro Gazette is titled “MG&E election travesty”. The title says it all – it discusses the flagrant voter incompetence that resulted in Mike Solimini not being re-elected to the Middleboro Gas and Electric Commission.

Last column

Speaking of columns, two weeks ago I wrote about the epic stupidity of people who keep loaded unsecured guns at home so that they can get to the trigger quicker in the event of a home invasion or zombie apocalypse. If you still have last week’s Gazette, there is a great letter from a reader titled “Shame on the Gazette” or somesuch taking me to task for using terms like “stupid”, “knuckledragger”, and other endearments that were used to describe the complete shit4brain halfwits that keep loaded guns in the house where any kid can grab them. I will ask the gentle reader to give me a pass for thinking that people who don’t secure their weapons are the turds floating in the gene pool. Based on the numbers, it is very likely that my kids are visiting homes with unsecured weapons. And that makes me have slips in my famously genteel ways. I’ll remind you of some very recent events:

‘Nuff said.


A year ago or so, Middleboro took over the local PEG access broadcasts. In English: We are running our own local cable broadcasts instead of Comcast. The group that controls it is called MCCAM

I’ve been bugging these folks for years to get the programming on the web so I could be watch it at my convenience. We are parially there now and I have to say that this is a big improvement and way convenient.

Videos are posted on the MCAM Facebook page. For the time being, they are being posted on this Youtube channel

Some of you may know that I ditched cable quite a while ago. Using my Roku box and Plex channel, I am able to easily watch these videos on my TV …. or any other video on YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites.

CPA and Gazette column

By , January 11, 2013 1:03 am

I ended up being a little late for the Middleboro Community Preservation Committee meeting tonight. When I arrived they were discussing the UU organ project. One attendee read a self-written letter with various concerns – some about the project and some about me and the applicant. The stuff about me was moslty personal baggage stuff and not really related to the UU organ project in any way that made sense to me. Ditto for the stuff about the applicant. One attendee rightly observed that we should be discussing the projects and not the personalities involved – and I think that was the general feeling in the room. In the end the committee voted to recommend $5K of funding for the organ. I think the vote was 7 in favor with 1 abstaining(me) — not totally sure on that total. It’s up to town meeting now.

The committee also voted 7-1 to recommend CPA funding to do a study of the Middleboro Historical Association’s needs for preserving their artifacts.

The CPA committee is a good committee to be a part of. There is a lot of controversy – which I can take or leave. There is a diverse bunch of projects that range from the simple to the complex, and there is real money to deal with. I’ve probably disagreed with the committee more than most other members but that’s OK. It’s a pretty good group all in all and I don’t have to win every battle. There are going to be projects that I don’t like – that’s a given – but the potential to do real good is tremendous. In the end, whether I like a project or not, town meeting will have the final say.

This week’s Gazette article is a year-in-review of my 2012 columns. There was no real new ground here but it was fun to look over the stuff I wrote about last year. Turns out I like to write about town government, politics, technology, and a bunch of other stuff to a lesser degree.

It’s all good.

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