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Assawompsett Ponds Complex revealed

By , December 31, 2014 3:00 pm

The end result of nonsensical restrictions

The end result of nonsensical restrictions

My column in the Dec 25 Gazette is online.

The Assawompsett Pond Complex consists of Assawompsett, Pocksha, Great Quittacas, Little Quittacus and Long Pond in the towns of Middleboro, Lakeville, Rochester and Freetown. These ponds serve as water supplies for New Bedford and I think Taunton as well. As far as I know it is legal to use the trails around this pond. I use them often and frankly Scarlett I don’t give a damn if I am supposed to be or not. I would love to see the state of Massachusetts turn these areas into a full blown state park or at least actively support recreational use of this land with designated parking areas and trail maps. Keiko Orrall, Tom Calter, William Straus, Marc Pacheco: Make it so. And if any of my MA legislators found this column by Googling yourself, get back to work and stop Googling yourself.

Apparently one of the trails I wrote about is off limits – which created some guff for the paper. I expect there will be a letter in this week’s paper about it. Personally I am of the opinion that allowing public use of state and/or municipal land is beneficial. Most or all of these ponds are public water supplies. A healthy dose of trail walkers would discourage activity that could endanger the water quality.


By , January 26, 2012 10:08 pm

Winter sucks less … a lot less … if you have outdoor activities to do. That’s what I’ve found anyways.

I was never into downhill skiing – and even if I was, it’s not something the average person can do very often. Skating is good but it is rare that you have good ice – or any ice – outside a skating rink. Hiking and running are good and some years the weather really cooperates. Up until recently, I was running regularly – sometimes in shorts. Mountain biking is fun year round but like hiking and running it comes to an end when the snow comes.

Enter snowshoeing.

I always thought I’d like since I enjoy cross county skiing. Last year I went one time with a buddy who had an extra pair and really liked it. I bought a pair of Tubbs Timberline snowshoes. They ran about $120 are are probably lower middle of the range.

I did two consecutive days over the weekend with my cool doggie – Saturday at a nice trail system near my house and on Sunday out at the Taunton River Wildlife Management Area.

Bottom line: This is an easy sport with low risk of injury – and a lot of fun.

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