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Shocker – Hillary is honest

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By , April 3, 2016 11:10 pm

Photo from some crazy ass web site that didn't cite the source

Photo from some crazy ass web site that didn’t cite the source. Hillary appears to be telling the Benghazi commission that she caught a fish this big.

As a Hillary supporter, I found this article to be in line with my opinion that much of the pure unadulterated hatred of Hillary Clinton is irrational.

Jill Abramson is a renowned journalist with some significant cred. She has a long history of investigating HRC:

I would be “dead rich”, to adapt an infamous Clinton phrase, if I could bill for all the hours I’ve spent covering just about every “scandal” that has enveloped the Clintons. As an editor I’ve launched investigations into her business dealings, her fundraising, her foundation and her marriage. As a reporter my stories stretch back to Whitewater. I’m not a favorite in Hillaryland. That makes what I want to say next surprising.

Brace yourself – especially those of you who are still in Benghazi and Email-Gate fantasy land:

As for her statements on issues, Politifact, a Pulitzer prize-winning fact-checking organization, gives Clinton the best truth-telling record of any of the 2016 presidential candidates. She beats Sanders and Kasich and crushes Cruz and Trump, who has the biggest “pants on fire” rating and has told whoppers about basic economics that are embarrassing for anyone aiming to be president. (He falsely claimed GDP has dropped the last two quarters and claimed the national unemployment rate was as high as 35%).

I have found similar irrational hatred of Obama. It’s fine to disagree on policy or political philosophy. But the level of hate directed at HRC and BHO are way, way beyond that.

What Nate said …

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By , April 1, 2016 11:45 pm

I’m a social liberal and a fiscal moderate. That means that I identify mostly with the Democrats. Now that’s out there.

I’ve been a Hillary supporter for a couple of reasons. I like her. I think most people’s hatred – utter hatred – of her is mostly irrational. HRC is a centrist regardless of whatever fantasies you have about her politics. She is one of the most qualified candidates in recent memory. Ed – HRC – Let’s do a podcast … it could possibly gain you several MA votes. That said …. there are lots of voters who have a very negative opinion of HRC. Don’t agree with it but it’s there.

Feel the Bern
Love ‘The Bern. But my inner pragmatist tells me that HRC is the likely nominee. Looking at polling of HRC versus potential GOP challenger’s there is one candidate that spells G-I-A-N-T W-I-N F-O-R H-R-C … The Donald. Understand – I’m not here to rip on Trump. He has attracted fervent supporters who think he is the cure for what ails U.S. I personally feel that he has less than ZERO chance of winning a general election against anyone let alone Hillary. In fact, I have my doubts that HRC could win an election against any number of GOP challengers … Except Trump.

A year or so ago it was a different story. Hillary was riding high in polls against all “traditional” opponents such as Jeb Bush. Times have changed. The decades long smear campaign from the right has chipped away at her numbers. The fake Benghazi “scandal” and the fake Email “scandal” have taken their toll. She’s not unbeatable now. Unless she’s running against Trump.

Leave Trump ALONE … for now

Theoretical electoral map if the election were today.

Theoretical electoral map if the election were today.

But don’t believe me. Nate Silver knows something about polling. In March 24th tweet Nate showed what an electoral map would look like if the election were today. It shows an electoral victory for the Democrats of 374 to 164. Folks that’s not just a landslide. That’s a chocolate covered landslide with a nuclear bomb center.

That’s why I’m concerned about Trump. I’m afraid he’s going to implode before he gets the nomination – which naturally means that somebody else will get the nomination – somebody who might beat HRC. Paul Ryan? Kasich? Liberal media elite – as one of you I’m begging you to lay off the Trumpster … until he gets the nomination. There is no better chance for an HRC presidency than the Trumpinator.

GOP thoughts

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By , October 29, 2013 8:29 pm

Typical crazy sign from a teaparty rally

Typical crazy sign from a teaparty rally

The GOP is heading into an unprecedented unravelling the likes of which are rarely seen – driven by a teaparty faction that will gladly tear the party and country asunder if they don’t get their way.

First a little back story to set the stage:

Throughout the 90’s and 2000’s the GOP famously partnered with the far right and met with considerable success getting out the vote with wedge issues like abortion, gay rights, school prayer, flag burning and the like. After 8 years of Clinton, people wanted a president that was not so sleazy and so they settled for everyman George W. Bush. His presidency was listless and lacking direction until 911. Meanwhile the coalition with the religious far right continued on unabated. We saw the rise of conservative talk radio in the 90’s and the rise of Fox News in the 2000’s. Things were good but nothing lasts forever.
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My gay SCOTUS thoughts

By , June 27, 2013 7:54 am

The rainbow flag

The rainbow flag

Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled on two gay marriage cases. The first one is the simpler of two.

This is important – I consider gay marriage to be the defining civil rights issue of our time.

DOMA ruling
Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act – DOMA – specified that the federal government did not have to provide benefits to same sex spouses. Today’s ruling strikes that provision. It does not say that people have the right to a same sex marriage – only that the federal government must provide benefits to their spouses if they are legally married under state law.

This ruling is no suprise to me and I’m glad it went the way it did. DOMA Section two remains in place. That basically says that a state does not have to recognize a same sex marriage that happened in another state.

Proposition Eight ruling
This case to me was the one that had the potential to put the gay marriage argument to rest once and for all. It did not quite reach that level, but it is a step forward. The case and its ramifications are significantly more complicated but I’ll take a stab at summarizing it.

In 2008, California passed Proposition 8 – a change to California’s constitution which defined marriage as being between a man and a woman. US District Court ruled in Perry V Schwarzenegger that Prop. 8 violated equal protection provisions in the Fourteen Amendment and was therefore unconstitutional. A Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals panel agreed with the decision.

The state did not appeal the decision. Supporters of Prop. 8 appealed the decision themselves and eventually Hollingsworth v. Perry came to the Supreme Court. SCOTUS ruled that parties who brought the suit did not have standing to appeal the previous rulings on Prop. 8.

The crux of the matter
Since SCOTUS did not rule directly on Prop. 8 it means that current federal case law as stated in Perry v Schwarzenegger stands. That case law says that same sex marriage can not be made illegal because doing so violates due process and equal protection clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment. States that currently have bans on same sex marriage will keep them until they are individually challenged in court. Eventually one of these dam buster cases will make it to the Supreme Court – a pure appeal of a state law or constitution clause that bans same-sex marriage. Yesterday the court punted on saying that directly.

In a nutshell – denying gay people the right to marry is a clear violation of the Fourteenth Amendment. The states with bans on same-sex marriage are standing on very shaky ground that is likely to collapse beneath them.

Have a gay day.

Gabriel Gomez’ grand old problem

By , June 5, 2013 8:43 am

GOP senate candidate Gabriel Gomez is running way behind Markey and is going to get his clock cleaned. Let’s just get that out of the way. He will lose for the same reason that Scott Brown and Mitt Romney lost: The GOP brand is currently defined by fringe right-wingers who identify them selves as members of the TeaParty. These people are active politically and are a real force – particularly in local and state elections. They have boots on the ground and do a good job winning non-National elections. They have enough clout to force candidates to run on a far right platform that does not play with the general population.

Gomez can be (or pretend to be) as moderate as he wants. MA voters will not send a Republican senator to Washington because the national party has proven to be unreasonable and obstructionist due to the influence of its far right elements. It’s just that simple. It’s why Brown lost and it’s why Mitt lost.

The GOP has been soul searching in the wake of losing to Obama – a loss that was shocking given the economic climate. The GOP’s own report found fundamental problems with the GOP’s image in the eyes of young voters, minority voters, immigrant voters, women voters, gay voters, etc. It probably would have been simpler to say non-old-white-guy voters.

As bad as that report was, a new survey of young people by college-age Republicans shows that the next generation is not buying the company line:

In January, the CNRC asked identified “winnable” young people who had voted for Obama, the words that came to mind when hearing the words “Republican Party.” Four of the most common responses: “closed-minded, racist, rigid, old-fashioned.” Democrats, by contrast, were “tolerant,” “diverse,” and “open-minded.”

A big part of the perception problem comes from the sort of fringe right candidates that are being propelled into national elections and then start saying moronic things about “legitmate rape” and magic vaginas that can “shut that whole thing down” by repelling rapist sperm. And then you have people like Michelle Bachmann talking about autism being caused by vaccines. There are the vast number of climate deniers who actually believe that there is reasonable scientific doubt about human’s role in global warming. That’s not to mention the general anti-science mojo that pervades the far right. Consider the recent report that showed women breadwinners making up a large portion of household income. The Fox News numbskulls tried to pin the downfall of America on women who are working. This is the sort of thing that drives people away in droves.

A lot of GOP voices are convinced that the party’s problems really are just a matter of perception. They refuse to recognize that in addition to their image, the real problem is that most of their positions are out of step with the mainstream. They continue to focus on wedge issues like abortion, gay rights, and voting down Obamacare 15 times a week instead of focusing on their small government and personal responsibility philosophy.

So move along folks. Gabriel Gomez and a whole bunch of national GOP candidates will continue to lose until the party is not only perceived as more moderate – but actually IS more moderate.

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