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By , December 13, 2014 6:54 pm

Photo by John Phelan via Wikipedia

Photo by John Phelan via Wikipedia

My column in this week’s Middleboro Gazette made it into the online edition. The column was prompted by a lengthy Facebook thread about the empty storefronts in downtown Middleboro and what sort of businesses people would like to see there.

The column also included one of my most epic plugs yet for Mary Barry Massage Therapy:

Before I get started I’d like to comment that I see a lot of talk about “downtown”. A vital and fully occupied Middleboro Center is important but let’s not forget all the other businesses in town. Mary Barry Massage Therapy comes to mind for some reason – probably because massage gift certificates are such a great and unique gift for holidays and special occasions., 508-923-0044. Most of you know that is my wife’s business and that I would never compromise my journalistic integrity by using my column to promote the incredibly awesome massages they provide – no matter how incredibly awesome they are.

The rest of the column talks about what sort of businesses people are suggesting along with my opinion on what the downtown needs – and probably more importantly: What it already has

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