Gabriel Gomez’ grand old problem

By , June 5, 2013 8:43 am

GOP senate candidate Gabriel Gomez is running way behind Markey and is going to get his clock cleaned. Let’s just get that out of the way. He will lose for the same reason that Scott Brown and Mitt Romney lost: The GOP brand is currently defined by fringe right-wingers who identify them selves as members of the TeaParty. These people are active politically and are a real force – particularly in local and state elections. They have boots on the ground and do a good job winning non-National elections. They have enough clout to force candidates to run on a far right platform that does not play with the general population.

Gomez can be (or pretend to be) as moderate as he wants. MA voters will not send a Republican senator to Washington because the national party has proven to be unreasonable and obstructionist due to the influence of its far right elements. It’s just that simple. It’s why Brown lost and it’s why Mitt lost.

The GOP has been soul searching in the wake of losing to Obama – a loss that was shocking given the economic climate. The GOP’s own report found fundamental problems with the GOP’s image in the eyes of young voters, minority voters, immigrant voters, women voters, gay voters, etc. It probably would have been simpler to say non-old-white-guy voters.

As bad as that report was, a new survey of young people by college-age Republicans shows that the next generation is not buying the company line:

In January, the CNRC asked identified “winnable” young people who had voted for Obama, the words that came to mind when hearing the words “Republican Party.” Four of the most common responses: “closed-minded, racist, rigid, old-fashioned.” Democrats, by contrast, were “tolerant,” “diverse,” and “open-minded.”

A big part of the perception problem comes from the sort of fringe right candidates that are being propelled into national elections and then start saying moronic things about “legitmate rape” and magic vaginas that can “shut that whole thing down” by repelling rapist sperm. And then you have people like Michelle Bachmann talking about autism being caused by vaccines. There are the vast number of climate deniers who actually believe that there is reasonable scientific doubt about human’s role in global warming. That’s not to mention the general anti-science mojo that pervades the far right. Consider the recent report that showed women breadwinners making up a large portion of household income. The Fox News numbskulls tried to pin the downfall of America on women who are working. This is the sort of thing that drives people away in droves.

A lot of GOP voices are convinced that the party’s problems really are just a matter of perception. They refuse to recognize that in addition to their image, the real problem is that most of their positions are out of step with the mainstream. They continue to focus on wedge issues like abortion, gay rights, and voting down Obamacare 15 times a week instead of focusing on their small government and personal responsibility philosophy.

So move along folks. Gabriel Gomez and a whole bunch of national GOP candidates will continue to lose until the party is not only perceived as more moderate – but actually IS more moderate.

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  1. Mary Stone says:

    Hi Bumpkin: I see two things happening here, in the main:

    1. Resolute commitment to knocking the president off-message indefinitely, for the rest of his 2nd term in office, as a commenter on a blog that I follow put it recently: “That’s the entire Republican strategy in-a-can. That is the sole reason for John Boehner’s existence: do not. Not, under any circumstances, let Barack Obama speak about what Barack Obama actually wants to talk about.

    They heard him speak during the ’08 campaign; after 8 years of GWB, it was like going from the grunts of a Neanderthal to the prose of Shakespeare. The guy can really deliver on the soaring rhetoric so, hey guys, let’s not let him do that. Ever. They needed to drag out the tin-foil hat types from the woodwork, back in ’09. The more they can jump up & down, with their hair on fire, the better. Let’s drag out the silliest, ‘for real?!?’ shit we can think of, and then watch the cameras swing over to the President. What do you have to say, Sir? Well, I was going to give a stirring, inspirational speech about alternative energy, and the future of an energy-independent America but, no. You’re absolutely right. Let’s do talk about this pile of bullshit. It’s been that way for five years now. The ability of the GOP juggernaut to hijack the national discourse with such completion has been truly impressive (and depressing) to watch.”

    2. Scandal-du-jour as a tool to keep trying to pass the plank items that the entire country roundly rejected in 2008 and again in 2012, hence let’s use Bengazi/IRS/ etc., etc., etc., to push through repeal of ACA, attack and diminish access to all reproductive care, hold the economy hostage until we get the repudiated austerity measures that we want etc., etc., etc, and in short, obstruct governance of any kind at any level.

  2. bumpkin says:

    You have totally nailed it Mary.

  3. bogofree says:

    The wing nut element seems to have a different opinion of Gomez who actually supported Obama. Right now the lead in down to single digits which is more an indictment of Markey rather than a groundswell of support for Gomez.

    The Republicans really do not have to do anything since the administration is imploding with the scandal du jour.

  4. bumpkin says:

    Markey is far from exciting. You might find some polls that show single digits but most are showing more than 10 points. All you need to do is look at the Tisei/Tierney race. That spoke volumes about the damage the GOP national brand is doing to moderate candidates running in moderate or liberal states.

  5. bogofree says:

    Maybe it speaks volumes of following the one step liberal mantra in Massachusetts? Can go both ways. I thought Gomez would lose by 20 and he still may. Either way it will be same old for us. Yawn.

  6. Mary Stone says:

    Bill, exactly, they hate government, so they want to obstruct it, and deliver it hook, line, and sinker to the highest bidder, who will guarantee them cushy non-work lobbying jobs in the “private sector” once their term as “public servants” is up. They are now a permanent parasite class for sale to the highest bidder, period. Gomez’ incoherence on Markey’s record is par for the course for a GOP candidate these days. Rand Paul, rising star of the GOP, opined that just because the supreme court interprets law a certain way, doesn’t mean that that interpretation is how the law is to be…yes, actually, it does.

  7. Rich P says:

    I agree the basic Republican Party is doing a horrible job at attracting voters. We need fresh faces and ideas.

    Unfortunately though that leaves us in this state with TWO horrible Senators. Elizabeth Warren who knows nothing about being a Senator or probably even why she was “the Chosen one” by the National Democratic Party in the first place. She has lied her way through her elite career with no knowledge of the real world. Not a good representative for me anyway…

    Now we have Markey who is another long, long time Washington entrenchment and insider who was pretty much chosen again. Steve Lynch would have made a much better candidate to represent this state and I would have voted for him. It is time for Markey to go home. (There are many of these long term leaches on both sides that should be kicked out) Because of the system, we need term limits to keep these lifers moving along like politics was intended.

    Mark, As to women entering the workforce and the economy, my take on that offers a different analysis….The economy is not affected because they are women but because the vast majority of households, now rely on two incomes, (male or female,it doesn’t matter)

    When we grew up, we had one income so a gallon of milk, bread, food, etc were based on that income. Now, it is based on two incomes so anyone trying to survive as a single, person, parent, or single household worker is at an economic disadvantage unless they are really pulling in some real cash. They have to keep up with majority two, income families.

    The Government is the big winner of everyone working, they essentially doubled the workforce by adding women and they get taxes from twice as many people as before. Again, this is not directed at women, just the fact that we now require, 2 incomes to keep up because the economy has adjusted to this new standard.

    good blog by the way…

  8. bumpkin says:

    Thanks Rich – I really respect your opinion. To be clear I’m fine with the old-schoool traditional Republican small government message. But I think that the party has been taken over by crazies and their broad appealing message of small government has been eclipsed by crazy ass wedge issues that have almost zero effect on the lives of most people. It started back in the Bush days when they started using gay marriage to get hicks out to the polls and formed an unholy alliance with the religious right. In recent years there has been these birthers and tea partiers waving the constitution around and screaming about Obama being a marxist socialist hitler etc. They’ve built on the wedge-issue strategy by getting all worked up about abortion, contraception, prayer in school, flag burning, and dimwit ideas like putting the sculptures of the ten commandments in government buildings – and on and on. Just crazy. Many of those wedge issues – particularly gay rights – is coming back to bite them in the ass because public opinion has shifted.

  9. Rich P says:

    Thanks for the reply Mark. I agree with your comments here as well. The mainstream republican rhetoric whether actual in numbers or just over shadowed by the extreme ones is not good. They better clean up their act and quick.
    Like I said, my candidate for the upcoming Senate race was Steve Lynch (D), who I think would have been a good representative and active fighter for the hard working people of Massachusetts. I don’t like either one running now which I hate, since I still have to choose.

  10. Mary Stone says:

    Rich. The death of the single income being sufficient to support a comfortable middle class lifestyle came about when worker compensation (wages) was decoupled from productivity. Also, Richard Millhouse Nixon warned against getting too cozy with the religious right, I think before Watergate became public knowledge, turns out his rampant paranoia was prescient in that case.

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