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By , December 20, 2013 11:10 am

Photo from loopnet.com

Photo from loopnet.com

RKG Associates, Inc have completed an impact study for the proposed High Point psychiatric clinic. I would judge the impacts to be relatively low. Here is the report’s Summary of Impacts:

  • High Point’s 72-bed facility will generate a low-high range of 66 to 150 calls to the Middleborough Police Department each year, and 33 to 86 calls to the Middleborough Fire Department. Similarly, a 50-bed facility that McLean Hospital plans to open on Isaac Street could generate 40 to 50 police calls and about 25 fire calls per year. These estimates are based on data obtained from police and fire departments in a sample of other Massachusetts towns with psychiatric hospitals similar to those proposed by High Point and McLean.
  • Public safety services provided to High Point by the Middleborough Police and Fire Departments will cost the Town of Middleborough $91,100 to $97,100 per year. Unless the Town and High Point reach agreement about a payment in lieu of taxes or other means to offset these costs, the project will have a negative impact on Town finances. High Point is a non-profit charitable organization that is exempt from property taxes under state law. RKG understands that McLean is leasing the property on Isaac Street and the property owner will continue to pay taxes to the Town. Ed: It is my understanding that High Point is willing to pay a PILOT of $100K
  • High Point will have a favorable impact on employment and the economy. During the construction phase of High Point’s $10 million redevelopment project, the project will create sixty-three construction jobs with an indirect benefit of forty-four jobs, for a combined construction-phase employment impact of 107 jobs. The net increase in wages is $6.5 million (rounded), including direct and indirect wages during construction.
  • At project completion and when fully operational, High Point’s facility will generate net employment growth. The hospital’s direct employment of 130.15 full-time equivalent (FTE) positions and 70.36 FTE indirect jobs will culminate in a total of 201.5 FTE jobs. The total annual wage impact, including direct and indirect wages, is approximately $10.1 million. These estimates exclude the jobs and wages that will transfer to Middleborough from High Point’s existing facility in Plymouth.

5 Responses to “High Point impacts”

  1. Mary Stone says:

    I completely agree, who knows, perhaps they can make use of a person with 20+ years of publishing project management experience? The commute wouldn’t be all that bad either…

  2. bogofree says:

    Mark…..sounds like the same reasons for a casino. Get those jobs!

    The impacts are meaningless. Come back five years after it is up and running for a determination.

  3. I believe it was Neil Rosenthal who explained that because of the configuration [and low ceilings], the building would not lend itself to being a Police Station, much as it might make sense because of its location.

    As many are aware, the Church considered the building for low income housing which might have made sense since plumbing was available in what had been patients’ rooms. The price offered was so outrageous, that consideration was not viable.

    Neil Rosenthal raised the issue of the previous incarnation of the hospital as a 24/7/365 hospital that had ambulances arriving, flashing lights and lots of noise.

    It is my understanding that this will be a LOCKED FACILITY….patients are not wandering the streets and there is no threat to public safety.

    As long as the PILOT offer includes annual increases, this seems to make more reasonable sense than anything offered.

    Even if Middleboro gains no jobs, drive past the building, park and look at it and consider what an eyesore it has been for years.

    There seem to be far too many drawing parallels between a locked facility and casino. How many communities has High Point destroyed with Gambling Addiction, increased crime and the assorted problems that surround Predatory Gambling? There doesn’t seem the be any comparison.

  4. Nesmith says:

    Putting the house up for sale in May. The casino thing happened 6 mos. after I moved here, I’ve had a bad taste in my mouth ever since. This project is not adding any sweetness. It probably won’t change anything too much, won’t make it better either. Wally G. has the quintessential Middleboroian view point, with his “it will benefit the restaurants” comment. Yeah, the donut shop and the four pizza joints? Middleboro is it’s own worst enemy. IMO of course.

  5. Richard PJR says:

    I agree with Nesmith and I have been in Middleboro for over 12 years. Desperate moves does not mean it is a good one.

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