Mashpee Wampanoag casino prospects

By , February 2, 2012 2:05 pm

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This could be you Middleboro - *Hiccup*

I’ve given my opinion on the prospects of a Mashpee Wampanoag casino and now I’d like to hear yours. The media has been slow to acknowledge that the tribal preference in the casino bill isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Here is Commonwealth Magazine’s take from last week. A few days ago the Boston Globe chimed in. The Cape Cod Times gave their take recently.

But back to you. Do you think the tribe will eventually get a casino?

My own feeling is that the odds of the tribe getting land taken into federal trust(aka reservation land, aka fee to trust land) is exceedingly slim for the foreseeable future. In the highly unlikely event that they do get trust land, the market will be saturated or could be made poisonous by changes to the casino law. According to my friends at Reel Wamps, tribal debt is running high as is dissatisfaction with the Cromwell regime by tribal elders.

One thing that wouldn’t suprise me is to see the tribe come back to Middleboro with a new offer. Time is very short to hit the deadline in the casino bill – July 31, 2012. In that time they have to buy land, have a vote in the host community, negotiate a compact, and make all sorts of financial disclosures. If they can’t get all that done, I could see them coming back to Middleboro and failing miserably. The land in Middleboro needs to be commercially zoned by way of a two-thirds vote a town meeting. I don’t believe the land would make it past MEPA, and frankly Middleboro has been burned once already by these guys. They still owe us at least $500K in planning money and the original deal included payments that were about one-third of what they should have been.

But that’s my take. What’s yours?

8 Responses to “Mashpee Wampanoag casino prospects”

  1. ebenezer attaguin says:

    By August next, Cromwell and his cronies will be facing an angry mob. Glenn Marshall wil be having iced tea and barbecue on my patio, laughing his butt off.

  2. Nesmith says:

    My opinion is, the lawsuits are already flying and the deadline is approaching quickly. I would also hope that if confronted with that BS, the current BOS here would not be as soft as the former board. Most important, if they did attempt a comeback, I’d want the townsfolk to get out the vote and shut them down for good.

  3. Allin says:

    If I were a betting man….
    Middleboro- 0 chance of a Native American Casino
    A Mashpee Casino in Southeastern Mass 1000-1
    They have a proven failed record of doing anything right as far as a casino is concerned.
    Chances of Land into Trust – 0.

  4. Wally Glendye says:

    Here’s the problem that I see in Middleboro:

    Herb Strather still owns three parcels of land with two of them totaling 125 acres on Precinct and 3 acres of egress off of route 44.

    Trading Cove @ Mashpee owns 4 parcels totaling 205.87 acres.

    Genting owns none of this land and neither does the tribe so this is a big cluster you know what. The tribe would have the land donated to them by the investors if and only if the land goes into trust for gaming purposes. This is a mess and as it stands now I don’t believe anything will be built in that area. Herb Strather has made it clear that he invested a lot of money into the tribe and he wants his cut so it could get tied up in court for years.

  5. Mary Tufts says:

    Ok, so let me see if this is correct… the tribe has an application submitted with the Federal Government to take 2 initial reservations, one in Mashpee and one in Middleboro, into trust. Now, as we know, even in the good old days of rampant reservation shopping, the application process could take years, and required a completed EIS. But then suddenly they found themselves hampered by new tougher regulations, followed by several supreme court rulings which put the kibosh on the whole thing entirely. Still, the Tribal chairman anticipates a “fix” to at least one of these rulings, and so, in anticipation, he proceeds to continue reservation shopping in Plymouth, Fall River, and Bridgewater, and perhaps other venues of which I’m unaware. Meanwhile there is a summer deadline looming, put in place by Massachusetts gambling legislation for getting some land somewhere into trust. So, if by some misplaced miracle the Tribe did surmount all other obstacles, isn’t Middleboro STILL the only town with land named on the original application – the expensive one with a completed public hearing, and ethohistorian report etc? And, as a result, doesn’t this really limit the Tribe to Middleboro unless is wants to repeat the whole process again, with new funding for a new application, which is unlikely due to the aforementioned newly difficult process and odds of getting their land into trust?

  6. Allin says:

    I believe Mary is correct.

    Which is why I will continue to stay on top of this until it is completely resolved.

  7. ebenezer attaquin says:

    Looks like Taunton is the latest victim…

  8. bumpkin says:

    I’ve written my Gazette column on this topic. I’ll post a link to it when I can and would appreciate Ebenezer’s take on things.

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