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By , March 22, 2014 11:04 am

Frawly celebrates a big win on election night in 2011

Frawly celebrates a big win on election night in 2011

My column in this week’s Middleboro Gazette is a four question survey given to selectman candidates Allin Frawley and Diane Stewart. They are running for the two open seats on the Middleboro Board of Selectmen. I think it is interesting to see the similarities and differences in their answers.

Unfortunately the Gazette doesn’t tend to put my column online these days – I think because they want to hold some content back to give people a reason to buy the print edition – don’t really know. Here are the questions but you’ll have to part with 50 cents to see the answers:

  • Please comment on an issue that was addressed by the Board of Selectman in the last three years and your thoughts on the solution or status.
  • Please discuss an important issue that is currently facing the town.
  • Thinking ten or twenty years from now – are there things we should be doing in the longer term
  • The Community Preservation Act was adopted by Middleboro a few years ago. It raises money than can only be used for certain things – open space preservations, historic preservation, recreation, and housing. Please share your thoughts on the CPA.

The first three questions have the past – present – future motif. They were meant to be very general with the hope that the candidate’s answer might say something about what they thought was important.

The last question – about CPA – sticks out like a sore thumb … what’s up with that? Simple – CPA is important to me. A candidate’s position on CPA would be a very significant factor in whether I would support a candidate.

I’ve been extremely busy at work for a number of months now with no end in sight – but I’m hoping to get back to updating this site more regularly.

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