Obama shows rare courage

I haven’t been all that happy with President Obama – especially when compared to the unrealistic world-changing expectations I had for his presidency. I was against the auto industry bailout (I was wrong about that), I was against the Obama bailouts, and I was against his extending of the Bush tax cuts, I thought his alternative energy policy was weak bordering on non-existent, his prosection of the Wall Street evil-doers was a joke, and so on.

He had a lot of good ideas that any sane person would agree with that he couldn’t get done because he wasn’t dealing with sane people – he was dealing with a Republican Party dog that was being wagged by an intransigent, far-right, scorched-earth, teabagger tail of the Republican party that has single-handedly brought normal government business to a stand still. On balance – when compared with the Republicans – Obama is the only game in town. He has a boatload of good ideas that would appeal to most liberals and moderates. Unfortunately, the Republicans have turned their compelling small-government message into a fiscal disaster that is basically tax cuts that aren’t paid for, wars that aren’t paid for, presciption drug benefits that aren’t paid for ….. all wrapped up in a blanket stencilled with “it’s the socialist Kenyan’s fault”. Pure Bullshit. The far-right wants the budget deficit addressed. So do I. They want it addressed with cuts alone. The part of the world that lives in reality knows that is not possible. Even when Obama offered plans that had $2 in spending cuts for every $1 in increased taxes – the Republicans said “no”. I’m still waiting for the Republican plan that addresses the deficit with spending cuts alone.

All that said, a president is measured by his ability to accomplish things and bring the people to his side. Obama hasn’t done that.

But today – Obama showed why he is worth voting for. He addressed a politically dangerous topic and stated in unequivocal terms that he is in favor of gay marriage. Downright refreshing.


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