Regional CPC meeting

By , September 26, 2013 9:58 pm

Several months ago I met up with the Bridgewater Community Preservation Committee chaired by Marilee Hunt. One thing led to another and we set up a meeting – sort of a meet and greet for are CPA committees. That went pretty well and tonight we held our second one.

It was attended by 31 people representing CPC’s from Bridgewater, Middleboro, Hanson, Dighton, Wareham, Carver, West Bridgewater, and Plympton. Two representatives from the Community Preservation Coalition facilitated the meeting and gave a presentation about CPA focusing on changes to the law that went into affect last July. Marilee asked me to introduce the speakers and give some closing words to adjourn the meeting. That was a nice thing to especially considering that she did the heavy lifting of arranging it all.

The goal here from my perspective is to create a network of people who can draw on each other for advice, information, and support so that we can all do a more effective job of managing CPA in our individual towns. A secondary goal is to start thinking regionally. The simplest example of regional thinking would be for adjacent towns to collaborate on a project of mutual benefit. A more complex example might be towns within a given watershed working strategically for the greater good and mutual interests. Another example might be all members of a given region helping to lobby at the state level for something or other.

Before and after the presentation there was general milling and chit-chat. My feeling is that people like the idea of having a network of other CPC members to share knowledge with. It’s too early to say if this will amount to much but I’m pretty hopeful that it will. I’m already quite chummy with members of 3 different CPC’s and that alone has significant value to me.

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