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Roku 2 XD

Roku 2 XD

I just bought a Roku 2 XD. It is a set top box that gives you content over the Internet – movies, TV, news, etc. There are a ton of channels – I’m still going through them all. I expect that there are some free gems – but to really make use of the device you need to pay for premium content from Netflix and/or Amazon and/or Hulu Plus. I got all three so I can see what combination gives me reasonable content. The device is tiny, cheap, and setup was a breeze.

Initially I was going to get a Blue Ray DVD player since they also include Internet content. I figured I could replace my DVD player and avoid having an extra device in the chain. As it turned out, the Roku was too cheap to pass up and seemed to have far superior content to Blue Ray and other set top boxes I looked at.

I know a couple/few people that have owned Roku devices and would welcome advice, tips, channel recommendations etc. I’d love nothing more than to ditch cable completely. The last time I checked I think we were paying something like $80 per month – about the same as the Roku cost. I could buy one for every TV and spend about $28/month for Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon and have more stuff than I could possibly ever watch. There would certainly be some holes but it is tempting all the same.

I’d like to hear people’s thoughts on the Roku and similar devices: What do you think of the content, what would you recommend, other devices, etc.

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