Those $#@!*!

By , June 12, 2012 10:37 am

Those $#@!*&^ at CBS News came to Middleboro to cover our swearing fine and left me on the cutting room floor. CBS News’ Michelle Miller interviewed me as one of the token local bumpkins who was against the swearing bylaw. Despite giving an engaging and fascinating interview those $#E^##& left me out of the piece – even after I pulled the awesome Silly String by-law out of my pocket. $*#&!!#. *&$^^!@.

See below the video for more coverage of our shining day in the sun.

More coverage
channel 7
Brockton Enterprise
Mass Live
NY Daily News
CBS Local
Death and Taxes Mag – in which Mimi is called a “swear narc”

It’s official – we’re ridiculous and everybody knows it.

4 Responses to “Those $#@!*!”

  1. bogofree says:

    Where to start? Such an opportunity! Obviously they are looking for a certain type and I’m sure your impressive command of the language with a sprinkling of five syllable words and, of course, being a facial double of Robert Redford just did not cut it for their wish to have on the small screen a local hayseed.

  2. shelly says:

    I will no longer admit That I live in Middleboro. I am very embarrassed. Everyone is laughing at us. How could this happen?


  3. Tony Lawrence says:

    Have Mime, our fine police chief and the outraged citizens who voted for this never seen “West Side Story”?

    Gee, Officer Krupke,
    What are we to do?
    Gee, Officer Krupke,
    Krup you!

    This will probably end up in court eventually, costing the town money. Or those awful kids will start yelling “Krup you, Mimi” and what are the police supposed to do about that?

    Buncha maroons in this town..

  4. bumpkin says:

    @shelly – when it all seems too much you can take comfort from the 12-foot brick non-denomination cross – you know the one that has “WORSHIP” written on it ….

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