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By , April 1, 2016 11:45 pm

I’m a social liberal and a fiscal moderate. That means that I identify mostly with the Democrats. Now that’s out there.

I’ve been a Hillary supporter for a couple of reasons. I like her. I think most people’s hatred – utter hatred – of her is mostly irrational. HRC is a centrist regardless of whatever fantasies you have about her politics. She is one of the most qualified candidates in recent memory. Ed – HRC – Let’s do a podcast … it could possibly gain you several MA votes. That said …. there are lots of voters who have a very negative opinion of HRC. Don’t agree with it but it’s there.

Feel the Bern
Love ‘The Bern. But my inner pragmatist tells me that HRC is the likely nominee. Looking at polling of HRC versus potential GOP challenger’s there is one candidate that spells G-I-A-N-T W-I-N F-O-R H-R-C … The Donald. Understand – I’m not here to rip on Trump. He has attracted fervent supporters who think he is the cure for what ails U.S. I personally feel that he has less than ZERO chance of winning a general election against anyone let alone Hillary. In fact, I have my doubts that HRC could win an election against any number of GOP challengers … Except Trump.

A year or so ago it was a different story. Hillary was riding high in polls against all “traditional” opponents such as Jeb Bush. Times have changed. The decades long smear campaign from the right has chipped away at her numbers. The fake Benghazi “scandal” and the fake Email “scandal” have taken their toll. She’s not unbeatable now. Unless she’s running against Trump.

Leave Trump ALONE … for now

Theoretical electoral map if the election were today.

Theoretical electoral map if the election were today.

But don’t believe me. Nate Silver knows something about polling. In March 24th tweet Nate showed what an electoral map would look like if the election were today. It shows an electoral victory for the Democrats of 374 to 164. Folks that’s not just a landslide. That’s a chocolate covered landslide with a nuclear bomb center.

That’s why I’m concerned about Trump. I’m afraid he’s going to implode before he gets the nomination – which naturally means that somebody else will get the nomination – somebody who might beat HRC. Paul Ryan? Kasich? Liberal media elite – as one of you I’m begging you to lay off the Trumpster … until he gets the nomination. There is no better chance for an HRC presidency than the Trumpinator.

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